Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bike Week trip in the planning

We are putting together our next trip for Bike Week.  The trip this year will include my brother-in-law Ron and my nephew Shawn (Ron's son).

We are trailering down to Inverness where Ron has a house.  From there, we are riding down to Key West for a few days and then up to Daytona Beach.  We will toss the bikes back on the trailer and drive back home.
We will be borrowing Ron's brother's trailer, and using my new truck to tow.  Assuming it comes from the factory in time.  We ordered the truck in late December, and they said 6-8 weeks until delivery.  It should be here in time, but if not, we ride down. :)

We are hitting Key West before bike week to try to miss the worst of spring break.  Last year, Ron and I were in the Keys after bike week and it was packed.  We know that if you want to sit on the Sunset Pier, you have to be there about 2 hours before sunset or else you stand.  Not during spring break.  We were there 5 hours before sunset and they were turning people away.

Shawn is still trying to decide which bike to take; his crotch rocket or his Harley.  Unless the truck does not come in time, in which case he will ride the Harley.  His street fighter just will not do for 40+ hours of riding.