Tuesday, March 3, 2015

To the Keys!

We made it to the house in Inverness. Unloaded the bikes and I was almost dancing with excitement over the first ride around the block.  Oh did that feal good!  Next morning we made the final checks before we left for Key West.
Let's see. Fog. Check. Spanish moss. Check. If the truck were just the Mystery Machine, we could have a Scooby Doo episode!
Our ride started well. Rather than taking the quickest route on the super-slab, we wanted to go through the Everglades.  Only a few wron turns that cost us a half hour or so. :)
But the ride progressed more slowly than we anticipated. We got in to our hotel about 3 hours later than we anticipated. Since we missed the sunset from Malory Square, here is a shot crossing one of the Keys.